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m i k e  l a w l o r   a r t i s t               



o r i g i n a l   p a i n t i n g s   &   p r i n t s 

Mike Lawlor is a self taught emerging artist who works out of his studio in Ontario Canada.


Nature and art are an integral part of his life.


Exploring the beauty of Ontario and Eastern Canada have given him inspiration and a desire to express the beauty he has seen and felt through painting in oil and acrylics. 

With an evolving style Mike is capturing the beauty of our world . . . nature, landscapes, people, human experience and emotion.

He works in a some what contemporary style using colour and texture some times with an impressionist view and other times with a semi abstract or abstract approach.

Mike hopes that you will be inspired by his work and that it reminds you of how beautiful our life and world are.


S e l f   P o  r  t r a i t   W i l l o w   C h a r c o a l


M i k e   L a w l o r   I n   S t u d i o

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